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Every day, there are people in Louisiana who suffer due to substance and/or alcohol abuse. In 2018, the number of adults age 18 and over in Louisiana who have a drug use disorder was over 100,000, and it’s expected to continue. Recovery treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse is not uncommon. Louisiana residents are especially susceptible since major recreation activities center around bars and festivals.

Every year Mardi Gras draws about 1.4 million people to the city, where binge drinking and parties are the social norm. However, for some people, this can lead to substance or alcohol dependency, and they find it hard to stop, even after the party is over. We understand what that is like, and our team is here to help anyone looking for a brighter, sober future.   

 Get Recovery Treatment Now 

Substance dependency is a serious problem and can feel overwhelming to anyone experiencing it. Addiction can lead to many health issues, relationship problems, and difficulty retaining employment. The cravings can be unbearable and can make it seem like there is no other option but to continue the cycle of abuse. 

We believe that there are other options, that recovery is possible; and our team can get you started on that path. We help drug and/or alcohol dependent individuals in the Louisiana area finds the resources they need to end the suffering caused by their addiction. We help find intervention services, rehabilitation treatments and resources to keep you healthy and sober.

Some people mistakenly believe going cold turkey is the only way to quit, but anyone in Louisiana who has tried this knows it can be dangerous or ineffective. Detoxing is a serious process that your body goes through in order to break up your physical dependency. Because of this, addiction isn’t something that can be handled by will power alone. 

The true path to recovery is through rehabilitation using scientific methodology to ensure the physical and mental renewal of each patient. Our drug abuse specialists are qualified experts who are dedicated to helping you, or a loved one, get clean and sober. Put your mind at ease. and take the first step on the path to recovery.  

What kind of Treatment is Right for Me? 

On average, in Louisiana, 15% of adults have used illicit drugs and 7% have substance use disorders. With a population of over 3.2 million, that means this problem is very common.  

Choosing the right program for you or a loved one can be difficult, but there are many options available. Our recovery specialists can help you decide by assessing your situation, type of substance use, and what kind of withdrawal symptoms you may experience. We always recommend detoxing as a first step and we work with both in-patient and out-patient programs to put you at ease. Detox is just the beginning of the journey to sobriety, and our team can help you with every step. From Intervention, to Rehabilitation, we will guide the way.  

Let Our Recovery Treatment Specialists Help You 

Our specialists can help you find residential treatment programs that include the most effective parts of inpatient facilities such as 24/7 supervision and access to the clinical staff. Outpatient treatment includes comfortable, home-like accommodations and contact with real world situations and problems. Everyone has a personalized rehabilitation plan that meets their specific needs and no plan is the same. However, clients in Louisiana should take part in treatments such as:  

  •  group or individual therapy 
  • behavioral modeling programs  
  • daily support classes  
  • recreational activities and  
  • daily trips to the gym.  

For additional details concerning addiction recovery treatment, interventions, detox, or to find facilities, please call 504-384-7870 to speak with a recovery specialist!