Addiction Treatment in Lake Charles

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Lake Charles, LA

With a population of 77,559, Louisiana’s fifth-largest city is Lake Charles. The city’s location is on Lake Charles, Prien Lake, and Calcasieu River. Oftentimes, being close to bodies of water and transportation hubs can contribute to drug distribution in the area. Although some states’ drug-related deaths have decreased, Louisiana continues to struggle with the drug crisis. The state has a high amount of cocaine distribution available, along with methamphetamine and other drugs. Its impact can be seen through the large sums of drug trafficking and violent crimes. However, the increase in drug use has also increased the amount of addiction treatment programs. Louisiana aims to provide various efforts and assistance to help its residents. 

People suffering from drug or alcohol abuse have many options. They can decide on the length of the treatment. Whether it is 30-day for mild, 60-day for moderate, or 90-day for severe addiction, patients can choose the program they attend and the location. What is important is finding the right option that can help them overcome their addiction. Call us at 504-384-7870 and we can guide you and answer any questions you may have.

Drug Statistics on Louisiana

  • Of the 1,140 deaths caused by drug overdoses in 2018, about 40 percent of them were opioid-related. The 40 percent amounts to 444 fatalities. 
  • At the start of the opioid crisis until now, the number of deaths has continued to increase, with only a slight dip between 2007 to 2012.
  • For every 100 people, a provider wrote 79.4 opioid prescriptions in 2018. The U.S. average was at 51.4 prescriptions for every 100 people.
  • Additional contributions to the drug crisis in the state include gangs, gambling, tourism, and other forms of entertainment. 

Addiction Treatment Options Available in Lake Charles

Although Lake Charles is a slightly smaller area than larger cities in the state, it can still offer a variety of treatment services. Inpatient hospitals can offer several detoxification and treatment services. Outpatients also have several detox, intensive, and standard treatment services. For residential, only one single short-term and one long-term service is available. 

When it comes to payment options, several facilities access Medicare and Medicaid and one offering payment assistance. One facility offers specialized services for mental and substance use disorders. Finally, one facility offers services for LGBTQ+ members, victims of sexual abuse, and victims of domestic violence.

For severe addiction, long-term, such as 90-day, inpatient programs can be the most effective. For people who have mild to moderate addiction and need a program that is less time-consuming and less expensive, then outpatient can be right for them. People who have attended an inpatient program can also participate in an outpatient program afterward. The effects of treatment can depend greatly on what each person needs and their commitment to it. 

Benefits of Leaving Lake Charles for Addiction Treatment

Although treatment in your city might be more convenient, finding treatment in a different location but be more beneficial for you. Some people might be able to focus better in a new place which can assist with their treatment and recovery success. After leaving the program, patients can have a better understanding of their addiction and can move on to their new sober life. Traveling for treatment does not ensure that but for some, it may be what they need to recover.

Leave Negativity Behind

Traveling away from home for treatment can help give you a clean and fresh start in a new environment. You can leave any negative people or distractions that can affect the progress of your recovery. Even being away from positive people can benefit you if they might enable you to leave the program for completion. Without distractions or triggers, you can focus on yourself and overcoming your addiction. Creating a distance from you and your friends and family can help strengthen your bond with each other. The physical distance can also give you a higher chance to not leave the program early.

Get a New Outlook

A new place can open up your eye to more than just a new surrounding. You can have the freedom to try new things and be who you want to be away from your addiction. A sober environment can provide you with the tools you need to learn more about your addiction and how to control it. You can change your outlook in life and can see a brighter future ahead when you complete your treatment. Patients can have their identities protected which can give them the anonymity they may need. 

Get the Treatment You Need

Treatments are available all over the United States, you don’t have to stay in your hometown to receive treatment. Not all facilities offer the same programs or services so in a different city you can find the right treatment. You can also find better prices elsewhere or payment assistance that is not available in your area. Additionally, other facilities can provide specialized services that fit your needs better. As you can see from the offered treatments, Lake Charles may have a limited selection so if you do not find your program there, traveling can be a good option. 

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

  • Checking the accreditation of the facility can help make sure it meets the quality standards and care you need. 
  • If the facility has evidence-based treatments that use scientific research then they have proof of its effectiveness. 
  • The length of a program can depend on the severity level of the addiction. Location can decide whether treatment close to home or away will be better for you. 
  • Aftercare services at the facilities may help patients continue their aftercare plan and reduce the chances of relapse. 
  • Payment options may vary in each facility. Most accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurances, as well as payment assistance and services at a sliding fee scale. 

More Information on Addiction Treatment in Lake Charles, LA

Like most things, one way of doing something may not be right for everything. While some people can do great traveling for treatment, others can do better with a program close to home. Some people may do well in a familiar environment close to their support system. Staying in their hometown can help increase the chances of program completion and people can feel more comfortable in their treatment. People might find it to be more affordable to stay near home and can even attend an outpatient program that can be less expensive than inpatient. 

For people looking to get treatment in Lake Charles, although a bit limited, can find a good program in this area. In the patient wants little disruption to their life and have a mild or moderate addiction, then they can participate in an outpatient program. It can allow them to continue with their responsibilities around their treatment. Those looking at inpatient programs can benefit from having 24-hour medical assistance, which can be good programs for severe addiction. 

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The patient and their investment in the treatment can impact the effectiveness of it greatly. Depending on what you prefer and need, both options of traveling away or staying home for treatment can be effective. For people who are looking to remove themselves from any distraction at home, then traveling to a new city can help with that. For those who prefer staying in a familiar environment close to their loved ones can benefit from getting treatment in their hometown. What matters is that you find the right approach for you. To learn please call us at 504-384-7870. We are here to help you.