Drug Trafficking Through Louisiana

Drug Trafficking in New Orleans, LA

With Louisiana’s location in the south of the U.S. and near the Gulf of Mexico, it became a destination for illegal drugs and trafficking. As an accessible entry point with its coastline, highways, and seaports, both Mexican and Colombian have used Louisiana for drug trafficking.  This issue has played a role in the high amounts of drug misuse and deaths not only in the state but also in the country. Louisiana has continued to see a rise in violent crimes related to drugs as well as an increase in the prison population. In the state, about 1,140 drug-related overdose deaths occurred in 2018, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. While the amount of deaths and drug use decreases in some areas of the country, it continues to rise in Louisiana. 

The drug trafficking in the state has increased the distribution of cocaine, along with other drugs, and their threat to residents. While drug distribution continues, the amount of addiction treatment admissions have also seen growth. Now more than ever, seeking addiction treatment can make a difference. For more information please call us at 504-384-7870, or visit our Addiction Treatment page. 

Drug Trafficking and Its Past in Louisiana

In 2000, the prison population amounted to about 35,998 people, with more than 30 percent of the crimes involving drugs. Data provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration showed that between 1997 to 1998 an increase of 10 percent of drug-related deaths occurred in the state. The rate of deaths has continuously increased, as mentioned above. Cocaine and heroin have been distributed through Louisiana to areas in the southeast and northeast of the country, and in some places in the Midwest. 

The most common illegal drug abuse in the state is marijuana. Its distribution into the state comes from the Southwest border through Texas. Methamphetamine is more common in the north and central area of Louisiana. Its increase of abuse can be partially contributed to Arkansas and its massive production of drugs. In addition, an increase in opioid use has also affected the state. From the 1,140 overdose deaths in 2018, 444 of them involved opioids. 

Louisiana has created various efforts to battle the issue. More treatment programs can be found with a high number of participants. Furthermore, drug traffickers can expect severe penalties and incarceration when arrested. 

The Impact of Drug Trafficking in Louisiana

With the state’s location being so accessible, drug traffickers have used it for their drug distribution into the country. This issue has made drugs more available residents and has attributed to an increase in the prison population and violent crime rates. With more crimes being links to drugs and drug trafficking, Louisiana has worked on efforts to lower their impact. Drug trafficking is not only illegal in the state but also all throughout the country. When arrested for this crime, people can get convicted of a state or federal crime. It may be beneficial to learn all the information beforehand to help and prevent the impact of drug trafficking in the state.

The Effects of Drug Trafficking

Drug abuse and overdose deaths have increased with drug trafficking contributing to both causes. A large sum of street gangs distributed drugs in New Orleans which also increased the number of violent crimes in the area. The state has seen an increase in methamphetamine, opioids, cocaine, and marijuana use. People arrested for drug trafficking can receive severe convictions and penalties. Depending on the drug and the amount the person has in possession, the penalties can vary in Louisiana. Though the sentence varies, a minimum sentence is put into place so judges cannot grant a lesser sentence. People can get a charge of 30 years in prison, which can also affect people who have a drug addiction and need to get help. 

Reasons Preventing Treatment Seeking

For many reasons, people with addiction issues can have a difficult time seeking treatment and asking for help. Some people might not know they have an issue or have someone to confide in. Others might not have the right resources, such as healthcare or money, to get treatment. With addiction, people can also feel ashamed, scared, or alone which can get in the way of seeking help. Even someone’s location can affect their decision to visit a treatment center. However, numerous options exist for location, payment assistance, and programs. You can find what you are looking for. Additionally, with Louisiana having many laws involving drug trafficking and possession, people might receive a long sentence and not be able to receive the treatment help they need.

Possible Solutions to Drug Trafficking 

Louisiana attempts to address the issue of drug trafficking by enforcing laws with crimes related to drugs. While this may help put bad people into prison, it may lack in helping people who have addiction issues. These laws may help people see the impact of these crimes if they continue on this path. It is also important to educate people on drugs and their risk, even at a young age to try to prevent drug use in the future. It is never too early or too late to learn about the topic and it is not too late to get the help people might need. Before having a life-changing event, like incarceration or worse, people should seek treatment. 

How to Overcome Drug Trafficking

It is estimated that in the U.S. more than 1.5 million people have been arrested for a drug-related crime. Louisiana has one of the highest amounts of people in prison, which has resulted in severe penalties and long sentences. Unfortunately, the state and its location give drug traffickers from Mexico and Colombia an easier entrance into the country. Drugs distributed in the state can include meth, opioids, marijuana, and cocaine. Although the number of drug-related deaths decreases in other states, they continue to increase in Louisiana. Addiction treatment programs can help people stay out of jail or from an overdose.

While there is no perfect solution to end drug trafficking in Louisiana, there might be ways to lessen its effect. For those people struggling with substance abuse, getting the treatment they need can have an impact. The more people who overcome their addiction can lower the number of overdoses in the state. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction, treatment can make a significant difference in someone’s life. To learn more about the different treatments or anything else about addiction, please call us at 504-384-7870. We are here for you.