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The most effective approach for convincing an addict in New Orleans, LA to go to rehab (rehabilitation treatment program) is to stage an intervention. If there is somebody in your life who you think is hooked on drugs or alcohol, someone who isn’t how you remember them on account of their habit, an intervention is a great way to start them on a path of recovery. As a friend who loves them dearly, watching as they suffer and fight can also be agonizing. You might be asking, “How can I help my friend get better?” and “What’s my part in assisting my loved one to get help for this dependency?” Typically, family members of an addict care deeply for this person, however, they eventually become fed up with being used, tired of being misled, tired of with saying no, and annoyed with supporting the addict and others in New Orleans, LA who may be codependent on the addict. You can’t be afraid of confrontation, take action now! Contact us at 504-384-7870 for information about interventions and how to coordinate one.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is an event that is highly organized, and seeks to persuade the addict to go into a treatment program to address their dependency problems. Family, friends, clergy, instructors, or other individuals in New Orleans, LA that are concerned about the addict gather to meet with the addict about the consequences of their drug and/or alcohol dependency, and urge them to agree to treatment for his or her drug problem. Often times the addict will either not realize there’s a problem, or be in denial about their addiction, and many times they will be unwilling to seek assistance, however, the objective of an intervention is primarily to present the addict with a chance to change their mind, and potentially save their life. During an intervention it is important to address:

  • specific examples of bad behavior and how it has influenced the addict and their family members
  • the treatment plan
  • the actions that will be taken if the addict doesn’t enter a rehabilitation or treatment center

There are four sorts of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention is as ‘simple’ as asking someone to quit their harmful behavior. This method should be attempted before any other intervention strategies are tried.
  • A crisis intervention is to be used in hazardous, precarious situations, like reckless driving, violence, or intense drug abuse.
  • Convincing a single person to agree to go into rehabilitation in that moment is the goal of a classical intervention.
  • In a family system intervention, the focal point is on persuading all of the family members to change their behaviors, specifically in instances of substance addiction and domestic violence, which create dysfunctional living environments.

What Is the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?

It is crucial to keep in mind that there’s a difference between an intervention and therapy, even though both are very important for the recovery process. We encourage the addict’s friends, family, and others in New Orleans, LA that care for them to organize an intervention, the objective of which is to persuade the addict to get treatment for his or her addiction. An intervention is NOT rehabilitation, and is not enough to convince an addict quit using drugs or alcohol on its own. For the most success, the addict should be taught about the illness of addiction, the best way to manage long term recovery, and what triggers their need to use drugs or alcohol.  These lessons and more can be taught at rehabilitation centers like ours.  For the best possible chance of success, we suggest that an addict is encouraged to go to rehabilitation directly after their intervention.

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Nothing is more frustrating or scary than watching a family member suffer and fight with drug and/or alcohol dependency. Typically, interventions are well-organized events requiring the combined efforts of family and friends, however, it can be as easy as asking the individual to stop their habits. In order to locate an interventionist, find a rehabilitation program, or learn about substance dependency in general, call 504-384-7870 today to help a friend in New Orleans get the assistance they so desperately require!