United Health One Addiction Treatment

United Health One’s Addiction Treatment Coverage

Your decision on seeking addiction treatment should not have to depend on whether or not you can afford it. Although some people may have the means to pay for it, others might not and that is okay. For people who need treatment, assistance in various forms is available. United Health One is part of UnitedHealthcare, which is known as one of the largest health insurers in the U.S. Their mission is to provide a wide selection of healthcare for almost every individual, no matter their budget or other factors. United Health One provides clients with two options: Short Term Health Insurance and TriTerm Medical Insurance.

Short Term Health Insurance 

  • Also known as Term or Temporary health insurance, is meant to help people in a transitional phase or time. For example, if your current insurance ends and the new insurance term will start in a few days or weeks, then Short Term can assist during that period. 
  • The client has the choice of length, deductible, and coinsurance. This can allow them to find what best meets their budget and needs.
  • This option is may not be fit for addiction treatment because it typically does not cover it. 

TriTerm Medical Insurance

  • TriTerm is also a short-term insurance option, that may cost more but also provide more coverage and have other benefits.
  • While it can be used fora short time, the insurance can extend up to three years. Benefits can include individual or family coverage in the area.  
  • For a limited coverage of $5,000 per term, substance abuse treatment can be covered by TriTerm.

If United Health One does not fit what you are looking for, other options exist. Payment should not be the limiting factor to get the treatment you need. Other payment options are available.

Additional Coverage Available

Fortunately, for those who have insurance that may not cover addiction treatment or those who do not have anything at all, other options can assist with that. Many treatment facilities accept Medicare and Medicaid, which are U.S. federal healthcare plans for people who can not afford healthcare on their own. They each provide coverage for different groups of people but they both aim to make healthcare an option for anyone who needs it.

Medicare Coverage

While Medicare covers adults ages 65 and above, they can also assist people with disabilities and other specific conditions. Medicare does not have a specific benefit category for addiction treatment, but it can still cover it if the person absolutely needs it. They must have a reasonable necessity for it to be covered. The coverage is divided up into four parts: Part A, B, C, and D. Part A covers hospital insurance, Part B covers medical insurance, Part C covers a mix of A, B, and oftentimes D, and Part D covers prescription drugs. 

Medicaid Coverage

Similar to Medicare, Medicaid covers people with disabilities along with a wider range for people with low income who may not have the means for it. Coverage includes pregnant women and children, as well as others who need healthcare assistance. Medicaid does cover substance abuse treatment and may include outpatient, residential and additional services.

Additionally, In Louisiana, other options can include payment assistance or services on a sliding fee scale depending on the facility. Treatment can be available for almost anyone who needs it. For more information or to answer your questions on insurance, please call us at 504-384-7870. You can also visit the insurance website and find out more about their coverage under the behavioral and mental health section. 

Finding the Right United Health One Coverage for Addiction Treatment

Similar to treatments and everything else, not one insurance cab be the perfect fit for everyone. Depending on various factors and what you need, you can figure out which method is best for you. Although paying for treatment can be on the top of your list, it should not be the obstacle preventing you from treatment. You have many options to help with that portion.

United Health One provides the client with two short-term plans. Short Term Health Insurance may not cover substance abuse treatment but TriTerm Medical Insurance can. TriTerm can be used for short-term or extended up to almost 36 months. While clients have treatment options available, the limited coverage may only cover up to $5,000 a term. Medicare and Medicaid can provide coverage as well. While Medicare may only cover necessary treatment, Medicaid has more treatment options. 

Money should not be the reason you do not seek out the help you need. Whether it is through United Health One, Medicare, Medicaid, or other payment options, help is available. Your recovery and health should be at the top of your mind. To learn more please call us at 504-384-7870. You are not alone.